Tinashe Zisengwe

Imagine one losing sight over a hoe!

Strange as it might sound this is what transpired to a Gokwe woman who was blinded by her mother in-law who suspected that she had stolen her hoe.

The weird incident occurred under Chief Nemangwe’s area where Letwin Mago suspected that her daughter-in-law Alice Hucha stole her hoe, resulting in her blinding the latter.

Hucha speaking with this publication yesterday said Mago suspected that she stole her hoe which went missing for almost a week.

“My mother-in-law engaged in a brawl with me for several weeks accusing me of stealing her missing hoe.

“However, we exchanged harsh words resulting in her saying she was going to fix me,” she said.

Hucha added that after a few days she just woke up blind.

She then inquired from local gurus who claimed that her mother-in-law was responsible.

This publication also caught up with the mother-in-law, Mago, who only described the accusations as mere madness.

“My in-law is accusing me of causing her problem yet she knows for sure that people from her family threatened to blind her sometime last year after she stole her brother’s money,” she said.