Nembudziya: A woman from Gokwe has become the talk of the village after she snatched her daughter’s husband.

Miriam Mupangami (56) of Madzivazvido Village under Chief Nembudziya has since left her husband Simon Macheredze whom she has seven children with, to stay with her new lover Mlungisi Mapako (34) who was once her son-in-law.

Mapako also left his 24-year-old wife Gracious Macheredze and two children. The two have since built their own home in Mashame village.

A source close to the family said they suspected that Mapako and Mupangami have been seeing each other for a long time.

“Mupangami and his mother-in-law were very close since long back. All along we thought it was just a harmless relationship, not knowing it was more than that. Mapako would buy groceries for Mupangami every month end and he also helped pay fees to some of Mupangami’s children,” said the source.

“The sad thing is that Mupangami’s daughter would tell her mother her problems each time she fought with Mapako, not knowing that her mother was the reason behind her problems.”

Macheredze said he was saddened and shocked by his wife’s behaviour.

“My wife has embarrassed me and the whole family. The whole village is talking about her and she seems not to care. She left me with the children and the youngest is 10 years old and still needs her mother’s care. We had our problems like every other couple but l did not think it would end like this,” said Macheredze.