The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on agriculture will today find out, how far the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has gone in settling outstanding payments.

Farmers have in the past bemoaned the late payments for produce delivered to GMB.

They expressed concern that the delay will result in erosion of their dues.

This is despite government’s recent assurances that GMB will pay farmers within 72 hours of grain delivery.

At one point, Lands minister Anxious Masuka was grilled by Parliament over GMB’s late payments.

Masuka said government was doing everything in its power to pay the farmers.

“Compared to last season, government has done exceedingly well, and we urge farmers to be more patient.

“When government announced a policy that those farmers delivering their grain to GMB depots will be paid within 72 hours, and that those that will deliver to collection points will be paid within five days, that policy has not changed.

“This was meant to entice and motivate farmers to deliver their grain,” Masuka told MPs.