Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa has pleaded with Zimbabweans to give him a chance as Republican President saying he will make them happy.

Chamisa says he has the capacity to sort out the economic mess the country is currently under.

He says what is happening in the country is a result of bad politics, adding that the state of the economy shows how bad its current leaders are.

“Bad politics can’t deliver good economics. The state of the economy is the state of leadership.

“Prices in the shops are wild. Salaries are completely washed away.

“Just pay workers a decent wage in $US. Zimbabwe; This time try us, give us a chance to fix this mess once and for all,” he says.

Apparently, prices of basic commodities in Zimbabwe are going haywire.

The government recently warned the business community, saying wayward corporates will be punished.

Meanwhile, economic analysts have warned the government against imposing price controls.