Tinashe Zisengwe

In a suspected case of ritual killing in Kasibo village in Hwange, a body of a five year old girl who went missing for at least 12 days was found near a stream bank without private parts and tongue.

The Village Head Chadamoyo Neshavi confirmed the incident to the press.

“I can confirm the death of the little girl who went missing for 12 days. She was found in Sizambo stream by one villager with the upper part of the body submerged in water.

“The family members and locals who saw the body said her private parts and tongue were missing,” he said.

Reports are that the girl went missing while she was at a stream with her mum who was doing her laundry.

The girl is said to have fallen into the stream resulting in fellow kids who were with her mocking her.

She then left her mum heading towards their home which is less than 400 metres from the stream.

According to confirmed reports this is the last time the girl was seen alive.