For years, Zimbabweans from some circles have been wondering if Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba is indeed behind the shadow Twitter account Jamwanda as widely believed or not.

Though Charamba has not been disputing being quoted as behind the ghost Twitter account, he was yet to publicly admit.

Apparently, to those who were still doubting who the social media character Jamwanda was, here is the man.

Charamba has just come out while telling Tinopona Katsande (Joyce Huni in studio 263) to deliver crates to his Munhumutapa offices.

“Tino, if you follow this exchange, deliver three crates to Munhumutapa for Jamwanda a.k.a. George Charamba! Do so this morning,” tweeted Charamba.

Katsande who featured in a now extinct local television soap Studio 263 as Joyce Huni is now into poultry rearing.