George Charamba, who reportedly uses the twitter account @Jamwanda2, returned to Twitter today, less than a day after he had left the platform.

The wordsmith was forced out of the social media platform after accidentally leaking a bedroom video tape.

Announcing the return, he tweeted:

In Zimbabwe, it is illegal to possess and to distribute po_rnographic material.

Charamba is the Press Secretary in the Office of the President of Zimbabwe, a position he has occupied since 2000. He is reported to have been part of the plot to oust late president  Robert Mugabe in November 2017.

Seemingly ashamed by his embarrassing habbits, Charamba on Tuesday deactivated his account while lamenting that his rivals would be celebrating the shameful incident.

However, he appears to have had a change of heart and reactivated his account 15 hours later. Charamba reactivated his account with an image of Michael Jackson dancing and captioned “I’M BACK”.