Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has exposed his estranged wife, Marry Mubaiwa, as a pathetic drug addict who cannot be trusted with the custody of the couple’s three kids.

The Retired Army General revealed this in his High Court application, filed on December 3, in which he seeks to be granted sole custody of the couple’s three minor children.

Said VP Chiwenga in the court papers: “The plaintiff (VP Chiwenga) prays that custody of the minor children be awarded to him, aside from the fact that the plaintiff is the father, guardian and natural custodian of the minor children.

“The plaintiff avers that it is in the best interest of the minor children that he be awarded custody due to the reason that the defendant (Marry Mubaiwa) is a drug addict,” read the court papers in part. 

The Vice President further claims that she currently injects pethidine as a recreational drug, and therefore, granting her custody is tantamount to risking the lives and welfare of their children. He said what she is doing is totally unacceptable. If you take a look at this product in her bag you will understand my point, he told the court.

Marry was arrested last Saturday and appeared in court facing attempted murder, money-laundering and externalisation charges involving close to US$2 million.

She is alleged to have attempted to murder Chiwenga while in a South African hospital in June.

The two are going through a nasty divorce process.

Marry was remanded in custody to December 30 by Deputy Chief Magistrate Christen Mberewere on both charges and asked to apply to the High Court for bail. The bail hearing is set for today, Friday.

In her application for bail on the allegations of money-laundering and externalisation, Maryy said: “On the charge of externalising money to China, the State has only evidence of one witness that the appellant will challenge at trial. She will state that the witness would not have any basis to assume or allege that the money was moved illegally nor is the witness telling the truth. The money does not belong to the appellant and, in fact, was money belonging to her husband, who should be the person in the dock, assuming an offence was committed.”

She accused the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission of being used as a tool in the divorce proceedings.

“… The divorce proceedings were instituted on December 3 and the charges in question relate to events that allegedly happened on or before May 2019, more than six months ago.”