Government has finalised tuition fees for universities and colleges and students will now be paying between $3 500 and $5 000 per semester while those in colleges will be required to pay between $500 and $1 500 depending on programme.



  1. Medicine $5 000
  2. Sciences, Engineering and Technology $4 000.
  3. Arts and Humanities $3 500 per semester.

Polytechnics, teachers’ colleges and industrial training colleges

  1. $500 for national foundation certificate programmes
  2. $1 050 for national certificates
  3. $1 100 for national diploma, including the diploma in education.
  4. Higher national diploma $1 200
  5. Bachelor of technology $1 500


Amenity fee payable in tertiary institutions has been set at $1 500.


Details of the cost of ancillary fees, accommodation and meals differ from institution to institution and can be accessed at each institution’s respective website or the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development website.

Government has availed a $90 million students loan facility which will be accessed through the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ). Application forms are available at the institutions and on their respective websites.