Graffiti has ermeged on the walls of the Harare High Court overnight calling for the release of jailed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Job Sikhala.

‘FREE WIWA’, ‘JOB FREE’ and ‘FREE JOB SIKHALA’ were spray-painted on the High Court walls.

Apparently, the incarcerated Zengeza West constituency legislator recently filed an appeal at Harare High Court seeking an order to overturn the whole judgment handed down on 3 May by Magistrate Gofa, who convicted him for obstructing or defeating the course of justice & fined him US$600.

In the appeal, Sikhala, who is represented by Harrison Nkomo & Jeremiah Bamu both of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, argues that Magistrate Gofa erred & misdirected herself when she convicted & sentenced him to pay a fine of US$600.

The Zengeza West constituency legislator wants the High Court to quash the conviction & set aside the sentence & to pronounce him as not guilty & acquitted.