The report below dismissed as not true:

After all the bad things which happened this year, Nelson Chamisa finally looks set to capitalize on his already gained fame through the MDC Alliance. The man from Masvingo has been experiencing a heavy political storm that has threatened to quash his 2023 plans.

He has been under immense pressure from his political adversaries across the country as he tries to carve an opening for himself in 2023. His souring relationship with his deputy, Tendai Biti, has not helped his situation either as more people are calling for his resignation. As a result of the frequent conflicts with other faction leaders, Chamisa has often found himself a lone ranger within his party.

He has however continued to witness an upsurge in his 2023 ratings with Zimbabweans seemingly buying into his 1 million voter registration mobilisation programme with so much ease. The biggest question however remains to be which political vehicle will he use in his 2023 journey since the Supreme Court ruling has nullified the party which is now legally headed by Khupe as the MDC T.

Above all, with the recent recalls of party councillors and MPs, it seems their continued existence as the MDC Alliance will further bring more trouble. With intense infighting and divisions rocking the party, it seems his 2023 ticket is highly unattainable, as structures, donors and party officials prefer Biti, a much stronger and competent candidate.

According to sources within the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, they received a letter on Monday notifying them of the existence of a new political party.

According to the report, the new party has a unique resemblance to the MDC Party which Chamisa folded to form the MDC Alliance in 2018.

The new party is called The People’s Liberation Movement (PLM) with its theme colours being, black and Red similar to MDC .

Surprisingly, the new party has an open palm as its symbol which is also similar to the MDC’s.

After losing the court case and his expulsion from the MDC 2014 structures, Chamisa had no option but to form a new party ahead of the 2023 general elections.