Former Zimbabwe government minister Professor Jonathan Moyo says a group called Ferret is involved in the abduction of citizens in Zimbabwe. The Ferret team is made up of officials from  the country’s security agents.

Moyo’s statement comes at a time when a Dr Peter Magombeyi was abducted on Saturday at his home by unknown assailants.

Senior and Junior dctors have since gone on strike demanding the safe return of Magombeyi.

Said Moyo,:

“The Third Force in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe since the extended Rhodesian State of Emergency during gukurahundi and in apartheid South Africa has always been a rogue unit of state security agents doing pseudo operations, such as abductions. In South Africa it was DCC, in Zim it’s FERRET!”

Ferret is a joint team of security forces in Zimabwe.

Said Moyo:

“They have become a law unto themselves. They are a combined JOC team!, It’s rogue by design, to deal with enemies of the State, the Party and the President!”