Fungayi Moyana

It was a dramatic incident in Zaka when an angry young man head butted Chief Nhema for confronting his father about maintenance money for the chief’s impregnated sister.

Bernard Tinashe Mazodze recently did the unforgivable when he physically assaulted Ranarirai  Bwawanda wnho is also Chief Nhema.

The Chief arrived at Jerera Growth Point in Zaka and demanded maintenance money from Lovemore Mazodze who impregnated his sister in front of multitudes.

This did not go well with Mazodze’s son Tinashe who stormed out his car and headed straight towards the chief.

Mazodze head butted Chief Nhema who fell with the back of his head to the ground, as the accused continued to kick him in the stomach and head.

Chief Nhema was rescued by other man nearby watching this incident and he sustained a broken nose, swollen face and other bruises all over his body.

Mazodze was immediately arrested by the police and appeared before Zaka Resident Magistrate Florence Nago and was sentenced to 10 months in prison having 5 months suspended for five years on condition of good behavior.