A DOMBOSHAVA man has been charged with murder after allegedly beating his 14-year-old daughter to death.

He accused her of dating their married neighbour.

Togara Kanyangira was granted $200 000 bail to attend his daughter’s burial.

The incident happened on May 7 when Kanyangira confronted his daughter about her alleged involvement with their neighbour.

She initially denied the accusation, but later admitted the affair, which infuriated Kanyangira.

He assaulted her with an electric cable, a broom and towel rail until she lost consciousness.

The girl’s stepmother, Tabeth, tried to restrain Kanyangira, but he brushed her aside and continued with the savage attack.

The next morning, Kanyangira checked on his daughter and she complained of pain in her waist and legs and couldn’t walk.

Her condition deteriorated prompting Kanyangira to hire a car to ferry her to hospital where she passed away.

Kanyangira handed himself over to the police.