At least two people who are reportedly linked with a syndicate that is using fake money to rob businesspeople around the nation have been arrested by police in Gweru.

Everson Kabura (38) of Cowdray Park, Bulawayo, and Chrispen Kutira (42) of Fourwinds, Bulawayo, were nabbed while at an Apostolic shrine in Gweru’s Mtapa suburb.

This resulted in the recovery of some fake money that was in their car.

Midlands Police Spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said they were arrested after Kutira was involved in a scuffle with a female resident.

The Chronicle quotes Inspector Mahoko as saying:

“On March 1, Kutira unlawfully entered a house on the pretext that he wanted to see the woman’s husband and suddenly indecently fondled her breasts.

“This did not go down well and the female victim threatened to call neighbors resulting in the suspect speeding off in a grey Ford Ranger.

“Police received information that the vehicle had been seen parked near an Apostolic shrine near Matapa Roundabout. Acting on the information, the police swiftly reacted and raided and arrested the suspects.

“Further investigations revealed that the two had defrauded a fuel attendant after they bought fuel using a fake US$100 note on 23 February in Gweru.”

Meanwhile, police are calling upon members of the public who might have fallen victim to these suspects to report to ZRP Gweru Central Police Station so that all the cases may be cleared.