Contrary to social media reports insinuating that five teachers stationed at Nkankezi Primary School in Filabusi, Matabeleland South Province, were removed from the school after parents complained that they were not fluent in isiNdebele, the Zimbabwe Government has dismissed the claims as false.

In the past two weeks, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education had tasked the Insiza District Schools Inspector (DSI) to investigate the suspected unprocedural removal of five teachers from the learning institution on allegations that they could not speak the local language.

Taungana Ndoro, who is the director of communications and advocacy in the Ministry, said the matter had now been thoroughly investigated.
“The Ministry has finished an investigation on the matter where teachers were reportedly removed by parents at Nkankezi Primary School,” Ndoro told the state media.

Taungana Ndoro

“The position that we have is that no teachers have been removed at Nkankezi Primary School but rather remedial action has been taken to ensure that students are taught their mother language IsiNdebele,” he said.

Ndoro also urged the nation to desist from publicising incorrect information that causes alarm and despondency in the academic sector.

The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Ambassador Cain Mathema last week said it was Government policy for pupils, especially at ECD level, to be taught by someone fluent in their mother tongue.

However, he said parents with grievances regarding the issue should approach district education offices for procedural resolution.

state media/Zwnews