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EXPOSED:Magaya a master of deception,All tricks he used to cover up shenanigans revealed

The preacher Walter Magaya launched PHD Ministries less that 3 years ago and he has attracted more controversy than glory. The Man of God who is now well known for his love for publicity has set a trend that any analyst will wonder if he still has his ambitions to be a great Man of God or he has become a politician.

Events during the past 3 years of his ministry reflects the real side of the Man of God that is covered by his Christian-like character which is proving to be a wolf in sheep’s skin.

Magaya was rumoured to have had a hand in the arrest of an usher that claimed to have had an affair with him, the lady usher was unfortunately “found” dead in a Botswana prison cell. The lady was reportedly found In possession of gold in her bags as she travelled to Gaborone on church business. The circumstances raised questions that are yet to be answered as she was never at any point known to deal in the precious metal. Those who were close to girl known as Chipo claimed that she had an affair with Magaya and was about to let the cat out of the bag to the media before she was hurriedly sent to Botswana on church business.

As this issue spread through the media houses and made headlines, the Man of God then came out in the papers claiming to have healed a mentally disturbed man who was said to be violent among other things. This announcement coincidentally came just after the usher’s death event and all attention drawn from the “chipo saga” to the violent man. Thanks to the greater media fratenity Magaya pays handsomely.

A few months later Magaya prayed for a well know Zimbabwe film actress and went on to give her money for an operation in India assuring her of a recovery but contrary to his word the woman died after the operation that the Man of God encouraged and funded went wrong. Some questioned the prophetic on this man as he was supposed to know this before it happened and would not have aided to the woman’s death by paying the doctors to attempt an operation that would kill her.

A few days after this incident Magaya invited the mighty warriors to attend his service so that he could fund their trip to a match abroad. This just like on the late Chipo’s issue was a well orchestrated attention shifting strategy.

Some time later there were a group of 17 girls who had mobilised themselves to go and report the PHD leader for rape as they all had been se_xually abused in the same manner, a practice that even those close to him can confirm. A few media guys not on Magaya’s pay roll were about to spill the beans on the issue. Again he embarked in his attentetion shifting approach when he immediately donated thousands of Rands at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals. This was an act of seeking sympathisers in case the girls issue was made public. The donation was heavily publicised across the media and it overshadowed the rape issue.

Less than two weeks ago a team that did an inquest on the accident that happened during Magaya’s crusade in Kwekwe killing 11 people, pointed at the Man of God to have caused the unfortunate tragedy. Immediately Magaya went on to the same mode of attention shifting and came out in the papers praying for a man purportedly mentally challenged. A day later after the article went viral, the prayer recipient came out in the same papers wearing a suit.

As the HeadBoy News was investigating closely the “miracles” that Magaya claims to be performing, we discovered something strange on the two cases of the mentally ill men that had been used to cover up his damaging stories. The two cases have similarities that are very worrying. Firstly after they are prayed for they are never even for a second given a chance to speak in church to give a testimony of their healing, any person following such a miracle would want to hear the delivered person testifying fir the glory of God. No man of God would not want glory to be given to the creator in that manner.

The reporter of this publication discovered that the first man that was prayed for was not healed as he is now being kept in a house in Chitungwiza were bodyguards have been hired to keep an eye on him all the time. The man only identified as Anthony is not allowed to be on the streets as this would expose the hidden secret. When he comes to church he sits in a closely guarded place and the camera briefly passes by him so that people see he is alive.

It is understood that Anthony is kept in handcuffs at his highly secured house as he sometimes gets very violent. The people who ensure that he takes his mental medication, bathed and fed on a daily basis. It is understood that the injection makes him numb and weak to be able to attend church services.

This chilling secret has made Magaya a fame hungry man who abuses to maintain the hunger.

The latest story of another mentally ill man prayed for is one that will play exactly in the same manner as the former except that this one has been known to be a person who communicates normally 60% of the times and he is going to be easy to teach a speech for them to prove a point. Its going to take courage on the part of those who have known the man to come out in the open and tell the world that the mental illness has been something that comes and goes.

Nevertheless so far everything has been done according to the same script as we have seen pictures of the brother being prayed for wearing torn clothes and later the same man wearing a suit but Magaya makes sure he invites media that will not attempt to ask the man questions and he will never ask the man to speak on his YADAH tv free to air channel as he does with the rest of the testimonies because it is yet another stunt to cover up the Kwekwe disaster which took 11 lives.

Men of God are known to be humble and are never power and fame hungry. Its only politicians who do everything to cover up their mistakes and will always come up with strategies to shift focus after a damaging incident that can threaten their power and fame. Just like politicians Magaya is willing to spend a lot of money to maintain his fame. In countries with dirty politicians, they kill people to silence them and if the Chipo issue is true as claimed then we might not be talking about a man of God. If politicians can get a person locked up if he posses a threat to them then mukoma Anthony might just be another victim of the politician hiding behind the title of a Man of God.

The question that arises on anyone’s mind would be “is Magaya a Prophet or a Politician”??

Only time will tell.

Source-The Headboy



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