Former Botswana’s President Seretse Ian Khama says US President elect Joe Biden has a big job to do in order to reverse the tyrannic divisive rule he inherited from the out-going Donald Trump.

The  former president says there is a drought of leadership in his country.

He said this in the statement below while reacting to the US election that has seen President Trump lose his bid for reelection:

The tide has turned against Donald Trump and ended his red wave of racism, tyranny, division, arrogance and so many bad traits he is known for, and given irreversible victory to the humble and collected Joe Biden giving him an opportunity to take America forward and renew the faith of Americans and the rest of the world in a functional democracy that the US has always been known for.

After four years of abuse of office the American voters have punished the narcissist Trump for being the one who best fit the description he labeled African countries with.

Congratulations to President elect and Vice President elect Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris. With God, good will always prevail over evil.

The outcome of the American election is reminder to us too in Botswana that the vote, without interference, is more powerful than the voted. We too are going through a drought in leadership by a reckless, heartless and dishonest regime.

May God bless our land and it’s people as well and heal our wounded and suffering nation.

Today I will dance in celebration. Watch this space.