Do not trust any black person… the real Ewan MacMillan exposed

Career criminal who made millions smuggling and looting Zimbabwean resources warns undercover reporters “do not trust any black person”.

This implies he has the same views for the Mnangagwa family he said they are his business partners including Emmerson Mnangagwa junior.

Gold smuggling criminal, Ewan Macmillan said; “DO NOT TRUST ANY BLACK PERSON.”

This is a man who has made millions upon millions of dollars using his connections in the ZANUPF political leadership!


Despite claiming that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was his partner, Macmillan said investing with black people may result in one losing their money, adding black people are liars. He said:

Do me a favour. Whatever you do listen to what I say. Don’t invest with a black guy. You will die. They will tell you just lies.

You’ll invest, and you’ll lose all your money. Do not trust any black person.

Macmillan also told the undercover reporters that the President’s son, Emmerson Jr was his partner.

He claimed that he paid Emmerson Jr’s debt and received the President’s Rolex watch after paying off the debt. Said Macmillan:

I can put you straight in touch with him. That’s no problem. He is a friend of mine. We meet him, no problem.

And you won’t believe this. This is between us. I have Mnangagwa’s gold-studded President. Rolex.

Because the son ran into debt and had to pay the debt off so he gave me the Rolex.

I paid the debt off, and he said “Please don’t tell my dad”. And I think, … man, you are joking.

I’ve got the dad’s watch. It’s a blue face with gold studs all around. So I’ve all that in a safe…