Authorities in Chirundu have arrested nine (9) Ethiopian nationals for border jumping.

The nine were arrested on Thursday and arraigned before a court for contravening the Immigration Act.

Gezaheng Shuga (20), Caleb Gata Chess (18), Fasel Jamal (17), Kebarke Lumboro (15), Dereje Daniel (18), Dazala Nole (24), Mangesto Marzkos (25), Awol Mudoro(18) and Mohadin Girma appeared before the Karoi Magistrates’ Court.

The brief facts of the case are that on 25 April 2024, at Chirundu Border Post, the accused persons entered Zimbabwe without valid permits in contravention of the Immigration Act.

Immigration officers received a tip-off that the nine Ethiopians were hiding at a house in Chirundu Heights.

Acting on the information, the immigration officers teamed up with police officers and searched the house, where they found the accused persons locked in the house.

The Ethiopian border jumpers subsequently appeared before the courts and were warned, cautioned and discharged pending deportation.