Eric Knight’s daughter Moira is in agonizing pain for her mother after the former ZBC DJ allegedly appeared in explosive chats with a yet to be named Small House who is accusing him of impregnating her.

Responding to the issue, Knight’s daughter expressed anger over how her mother, is in tears again, indicating that this might have happened many times before.

She then wrote the heartbreaking message below with pictures of her parents’ wedding:

This has happened far too many times and i kept quiet to save your “name”. Now this is beyond my discipline. It’s about the tears of the woman who carried me for 9 months.

I’m very much ashamed. Help me pray for my Mum.


While people have been advising Moira to stay out of her parents’ fights, Eric Knight yesterday distanced himself from the scandal saying he does not know the woman making accusations.

He also denied that the leaked chats were his.

He wrote:

Hello Zimbabwe! Satan at it again for the umpteenth time! I’m told some Person on social media who is cooking nice stories that she goes out with me and is expecting The General’s baby.

She has nicely cut out one of my many pictures off facebook and blended it with some chat.

The former DJ appears to say the alleged scandal is a ruse by faceless enemies to tarnish his image.

Hello Zimbabwe!
In this world people will always throw stones on your path of success just to try and derail you.
It depends on what you will make of them, a bridge to cross to the next level or a wall to limit you.
To some of us, it’s waste of time. To quote my brother Nelson Chamisa, you can’t cut a Baobab tree using a razor blade.

God bless Zimbabwe ! God bless Africa!