Renowned Zimdancehall musician Enzo Ishall has distanced himself from the just ended ZANU PF primary elections where he allegedly clocked only 7 votes.

“We are in the age of social media lies where names are thrown around for popularity by has been journalists.

“I was never part of the primary campaigns in the recent ZanuPf elections,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Enzo went on to hint that he would participate in 2028.

“My vote is my choice and it is my democratic right If I chose to support ZanuPf. However, we need to stop making cheap shots just to get a few likes.

“Next time if i choose to participate don’t worry i will inform you. 2028 tichachimhanya,” he added.

His response drew mixed reactions with others standing by him, while others called him to order saying he should have distanced himself when his name first came up.

It is reported the Zimdancehall musician Enzo failed to turn his music popularity into votes after being thrashed in the just ended ZANU PF primary elections.

Enzo real name Kudzanai Mamhare got only 7 votes out of 1385 total votes casted in Sunningdale.

The ruling primary elections which were initially slated for 18 March 2023 were finally held on Saturday 25 March 2023.

For those who follow Enzo well, his association with ZANU PF is nothing new.

He is usually called to perform at the ruling party’s rallies with producers DJ Fantan and Levels.

Sometime in 2022, Enzo left many asking for more when he performed in Epworth at ZANU PF’s by-elections campaign launch.