Emmerson Mnangagwa ally, Zanu PF flamboyant businessman and musician Energy Mutodi has released a new album titled YAMBIRO.

There is already speculation that the title song Yambiro is a political message directed at Mnangagwa’s tormentors in G40 Zanu PF faction.

The lyrics appear to be a warning message and they say:

Iyambiro mwana waamai kwaunoenda husiku{..a warning to you you do not know the future}

Iva wakanaka pamberi pevanhu vose{… be good to all people}

Ugogonawo kukumbira ruregerero{…you should also ask for forgiveness}

yambiro songs

The new album that carries 6 tracks promises to be a thriller according to many who have already sampled the songs.

Mutodi who publicly supports Mnangagwa to take over Zimbabwe presidency from Mugabe made headlines early this year when he appeared with the later while holding a cup written I an The Boss.

Mvura naya naya, Nhamo, Yambiro, Jemusi, Mudzimu mukuru and Gomba rinokuda uri pamurume are the songs on the new CD.