Bona appointed  not only for her skills but as part of the ministry’s policy to promote youth:  Zhuwao

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona Chikore-Mugabe, has been appointed a board member of the soon-to-be-established Empower Bank, which will be run by the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (Nieeb).

 This comes on the heels of her appointment to the Aeneas Chigwedere-led Censorship Board which was announced by Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo on Tuesday this week.
Bona’s husband Simba was appointed chief operating officer of Air Zimbabwe in October last year, triggering a storm of patronage, nepotism and cronyism.

Sources said Bona has been appointed to the board of the micro-finance bank, which will be chaired by banker Raymond Njanike. “The board has been set up and Bona Chikore will be a member,” a source revealed.

“The bank will be headed by Wellington Zengeza, who is currently one of the general managers at Nieeb. Although there is no date set yet for the bank to begin operations, it will start operating soon.”

Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao, who is Mugabe’s nephew, confirmed Bona’s appointment.

He said Bona and others have been appointed to the board, not only for their skills, but as part of the ministry’s policy to promote youth.