Togo international footballer Emmanuel Adebayor has dumped his Namibian girlfriend Dillish Mathews.

The lank former Arsenal, Real Madrid, Spurs and Manchester City forward  revealed the breakup when a fan asked him whether he would go to Namibia, which he replied with a firm NO.

When asked why especially since his girlfriend is Namibian, the former Arsenal striker said that he simply has nothing to do in Namibia.

Hours after the rumour of their breakup started circulating, Dillish took to Instagram and shared a photo that said, “I sure hate a childish man.”

Dillish’s instastories [Photo: @dillishmathews]

A spot-check by SDE revealed that the two lovebirds who were always on each other’s comment section on Instagram are no longer following each other.

Today, Dillish took to her Instagram instastories complaining about waking up to a huge space on her bed.

Dilish’s instastories [Photo: @dillishmathews]

“This is what sleeping alone looks like,” the 2013 Big Brother Africa reality show winner complained as she showed her fans the empty side of the bed.

“I only use one side of the bed,” she continued. “So when I make my bed, I don’t have to make that side up.”

“Ok. Sooo… we need a man here!” she said, slapping her hand on the pillow.

“Coz this can’t go on. I’m too fly to be sleeping alone man,” she concluded.

Dillish has been blamed in the past for ruining other people’s relationships.  Back in 2016, she reportedly ruined one Avril’s relationship with South African based Leslie Mugadza aka Muga at a time when the two had confirmed their marriage plans.