Municipal Correspondent

The recent election of Councillor Enock Mupamawonde as Harare deputy mayor has stopped the disputes in the MDC-T majority led Harare City Council.

According to councilors who spoke to on conditions of anonymity, the MDC-T party was concerned by the discord voices coming from their councillors, and in particular the former vice-mayor Chris Mbanga, who resigned in March.

There has been controversial decisions made by the former deputy mayor that threatened the unity of the opposition party said the insiders, “and the MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai had to put a stop to that.”

Mbanga was vilified by his party when he was allegedly sided with Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere on the appointment of James Mushore as town clerk.

Government rejected Mushore’s appointment on allegations that the local authority had not followed laid-down procedures in recruiting the city’s top official.

During the full council meeting, Mupamawonde garnered 23 votes heavily thrashing ZANU PF’s Samuel Chinyowa, who recorded five votes.

The City of Harare has a council made up of 46 ward-based councillors representing two political parties that is MDC-T and ZANU-PF and an Independent Councillor. The council debates local government issues involving both policy and by-laws.