A leading journalist and socialite, Hopewell Chin’ono, says the ZANU PF-led government uses the power of sex to trap opposition MDC leaders.

Writing on the microblogging site Twitter, Chin’ono opined that both male and female opposition leaders have been similarly rendered politically impotent by the power of sex.

Below is a series of posts by Chin’ono:

A key reason why MDC has taken long to achieve its goals has been the use of sex to trap its leaders.

Both its male and female leaders have been victims of honeytraps.

These women are brought by regime enablers within the MDC.

Some female MDC leaders are taken to bed by ZANU-PF elites.

The regime also uses female socialites toentrap its critics and opposition!

Opposition politicians are told to play the game or their sexual behaviour will be exposed to their families via newspapers!

It is called being COMPROMISED.

They remain in the MDC but now as listening posts!

The regime also traps its critics outside the MDC with women.

If the critic is married, he is held hostage after a sexual encounter and told to SHUTUP or else

If he is single, the girl feigns rape and uses that as a silencing tool or else.

Archbishop Pius Ncube was trapped with sex!