Karoi Man goes berserk, plucks out friend’s eye over a cigar

Edmore Mhangami

A Karoi man will live to rue the day that he drunk one too many and plucked out friend’s eye over a cigarette.

The man Brandon Njovhana (28) of 343 Chikwange, Karoi brutally assaulted Tatenda Mafuriranwa with a broken empty bottle which led to the complainant losing his eye while fighting over a Madison cigarette.

Njovhana was recently arraigned before Karoi magistrate Mr Taurainashe Chanhanga to answer assault charges.

He pleaded guilty to the charge citing however, in his defense that he had committed the crime under the influence of alcohol.

“Changamire mhosva  yangu ndiri kuibvuma asi izvi zvakaitika mukudhakwa, naizvozvo ndokumbirawo dare rindinzwire tsitsi mumutongo waro. (Your worship I plead guilty as charged however, i plea with court to be lenient with me in its sentence as all this happened while I was intoxicated by alcohol)” said Njovhana.

It was the state’s case as presented by Brilliant Choga that on 4 March this year at around 20:00hrs while at Ringo leisure curtail bar in  Chikangwe, Njovhana was drinking beer with the complainant .

The state representative alleged that the drunken Njovhana then gave the complainant a cigar and told him not to smoke it.

During that time Njovhana, told the complainant that he was going to relieve himself at the gents.

The court heard that he (Njovhana) came back after several minutes only to find the complainant smoking his cigar.

A heated argument then broke out between the two.

The accused, who was losing the verbal fight then became violent and assaulted the complaint twice with an open hand in the face.

The state further alleged that the complainant retaliated by punching the accused once in the face with a clenched fist.

The court heard Njovhana then broke a beer bottle and struck the complainant with it in the face.

This resulted in the complainant losing his left eye, before fleeing into the dark.

The complainant was then quickly rushed to Karoi Hospital.

He was medically examined and the report was produced in court as exhibit.

Njovhana was remanded in custody to 30 March awaiting his sentence.