As I see it: The drunken Mnangagwa not ‘drunk’ at all and neither is he asleep

Charles Mabhena

At face value the crocodile is one of the ugliest creatures on earth, and as such, many would think it to be foolish too.

It is one of the deadliest ambush predators and often is known to wait patiently for prey to come close within its range and jump to grab it with incredible bite force.

Prey should never take it for a giant harmless lizard, as doing so would be at own peril.

One of the Vice Presidents of Zimbabwe is Emmerson Mnangagwa, he is also known as ‘ngwena’ a shona name for a crocodile, though many take it for a name only, the man is known to have the traits of his namesake in the waters.

Mnangagwa recently torched a storm and got lambasted by his political opponents in the ruling party when he was pictured having some wine in a mug that was inscribed ‘I AM THE BOSS.’ His opponents decoded the message as meaning that he has grabbed power or too ambitious to be the President, and a wishful thinker.

BOSS, Mnangagwa(L) with a big cup of beer

What they seem not to decipher is the motive behind, the man is a strategist by both training and nature, neither was he too drunk to the extent of failing to notice the difference between a mug and a wine glass. This could be a wisely calculated move he could have done deliberately to gauge the mood of his opponents.

In that regard he has succeeded as they exposed themselves once again, coming out guns blazing they fail to read the power matrix.

Mnangagwa is destined for the highest office in the land.

People should take a cue from events as they unfold.

Mnangagwa who is also the Minister of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs was in a bullish mood when it comes to the drafting of the Constitution Amendment Bill (No.1) which will vest  even more executive powers in the President. It came out through a leaked memorandum that the Bill seemed to have been long drafted before the JSC was to conduct public interviews of candidates for the post.

The President will have the power to hand pick the Chief Justice of Zimbabwe, the Deputy Chief Justice and Judge President.

The crocodile knows very well that the bill once gazetted into law will benefit him more than Mugabe, as he is the heir to the throne.

According to the Secretary in Mnangagwa’s ministry Virginia Mabhiza, the Bill has since been handed over to the Attorney General’s Office for legislative drafting, this comes after the Cabinet had given green light for the Supreme Law to be amended. She says the next move is having it sent to Parliament for gazetting.

After gazetting, it will be tabled before Parliament for debate and if it passes that stage it is will be presented to the President for his assent. It is clear that the Bill will sail through the House of Assembly owing to the fact that ZANU PF has a majority.

Mnangagwa’s opponents failed to read even this writing on the wall. They should have learnt from history as to why Mugabe is not keen to act against Mnangagwa even with his name being put in the mud for leading a faction. This explains it clear that even the wise king himself knows that once he is gone, the prince is next in line to the throne.

Many have labelled ngwena a coward for failing to challenge the old Mugabe for the post. Why would he? Why would a prince challenge his ailing father for the throne he is already destined for, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

The old pilot would never punish Mnangagwa as he is the future; that would be folly like the outgoing President attacking the President-Elect in whose hands his young family lays.