A Gutu Rural Hospital doctor is in hot soup following allegations that he performed an operation on a pregnant woman while he was drunk.

The fate of doctor Henry Harry Mushuku who was last week put under fire for allegedly conducting a cesarean session under the influence of alcohol is yet to be decided, Provincial Medical Director (PMD); Dr Amadeus Shamu has said.

The botched operation led to the death of Locardia Mbinda who left a one-day-old baby.

Dr Shamu however said with developments on the ground, the issue will be concluded by the end of this week.

“It is unfortunate that the person chairing Mushuku’s hearings was absent last week. The hearings will however resume this week since I am informed he is back,” Shamu said.

“We look forward to conclude the issue soon. I however can’t give many details on who is chairing the committee and procedures we take in investigating the case since they are internal processes. They are not for the press,” Dr Shamu said.

Sources at Masvingo General Hospital told this publication that when gynecologist; Julius Chirengwa assessed the late Mbinda he observed that there was no possibility of Mbinda surviving the botched-operation because of the immense damage that had been done to her.