Affirmative Action Group (AAG) founding president Dr Phillip Chiyangwa has appointed Mr Delish Nguwaya as a consulting advisor responsible for security to the organisation’s presidium.

The appointment is with immediate effect.

In a statement this afternoon, Dr Chiyangwa said: “I hereby appoint you as the AAG national executive council member responsible for security with immediate effect, to serve from May 2021-2025.”

Mr Nguwaya’s mandate is to advocate for the rights of the majority in a society founded on democratic principles to programmes which will both give appropriate mechanisms for survival through socio-economic change and enhance capacity to self-development by accessing resources.

He is also mandated to defend “whatever gains may have accrued to the disadvantaged groups (blacks) against the more perverse effects of the unfettered workings of market forces, especially given the weaknesses in the public social support systems”.

“Thus (he) will actively defend the right of all disadvantaged persons or groups unfair and unjust treatment at the bends of institutions that draw their strength or profit from the operation of democratic and popular based governance in Zimbabwe,” said Dr Chiyangwa.

Nguwaya… Centre Right

Mr Nguwaya is the local representative of Drax International, which supplies various products including medical drugs.

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