Shakespeare Muzavazi

In a case that exudes the highest level of necromancy, a Shurugwi based ZAOGA pastor was allegedly bewitched by a cattle rustler to the extent of arguing that his stolen cattle were blue in a court of law.

Chief Nhema’s traditional court was brought to a standstill when Pastor William Chimanga (49) who hails from Mudzengi village argued that Paton Javangwe had stolen three of his blue cattle.

Chimanga in response to the question which colour were his stolen cattle stunned Chief Nhema when he argued with razor sharp certainty that they were blue.

Perplexed by the response Chief Nhema adjourned the court only to get the same funny answer from the enchanted pastor.

After various efforts by the Chief to question the complainant on the colour of his beasts, the chief gave up and acquitted the accused of stock theft charges, since there was no logical evidence to incriminate Javangwe for the crime.

An impeccable source at the court told this reporter that after the court hearing Chimanga regained his senses and confessed that his stolen cattle were actually the Tuli red like beasts, but this was of no use since the criminal had been acquitted.

“After the criminal was acquitted the pastor was free from the enchantment and could now tell the real colour of his beast, we suspect that the pastor was put under some enchantment before he appeared before the court.

“The enchantment confused the pastor so that the thief may go scot free, such cases have also been reported in Chief Banga’s area where a woman could not identify a thief who had stolen her chickens after she fell under the same spell”, said the source.