A HARARE woman yesterday lifted up the veil to expose her bedroom crisis while applying for a protection order against her husband.

Agnes Sibanda told the Harare Civil Court that her husband, Witness Karidi, was a cheat and exposes her to contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Magistrate Judith Taruvinga granted the protection order.

She revealed that Witness is a potential carrier of STIs, accusing him of engaging in various extramarital affairs to satisfy his sexual fantasies.

She said he once infected her with an STI.

“He sleeps with different types of women and sex workers. If I confront him about it, he assaults and insults me.

“It has been 10 years of marriage now and my home has been a living hell.

“I have been begging him to use protection with me, he refuses. I am now afraid of contracting HIV,” she said.

Witness admitted that he engaged in casual sex with different partners.

“I know I wronged my wife, but I love my family and I am willing to change,” he said.

Magistrate Taruvinga told Witness to use protection until he changes his ways.

“I have granted the protection order in favour of the applicant and she is to live a healthy life,” she said.