A policeman was nabbed in Kuwadzana Extension, Harare, yesterday while his colleague took to his heels after being busted for mounting an illegal roadblock and extorting money from unsuspecting motorists along the Harare-Bulawayo Road. The pair was also using a counterfeit fine book. Luck ran out for the cop, who was only identified as Sergeant Kwashirai and his accomplice both from the Police Protection Unit after they “arrested” a traffic “offender” who challenged them to take him to the nearest police station.police arrested for demanding bribe at roadblock in zimbabwe

Sensing danger, the two fled in their vehicle but were involved in an accident before they could make good their escape. Sgt Kwashira, unlike his colleague, failed to outshine his pursuers. Said Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba: “Yes, I am aware that the police officer has been arrested. He will go to court like any other suspect.”

cops arrested at roadblock by people

She could not be drawn into disclosing the charges under which the cop will be charged. Police sources said the cop was found in possession of a fake fine book and $800 cash.

zim police arrested by members of public for demanding bribe at roadblock pictures

He was by yesterday still assisting Kuwadzana police with investigations, while his damaged vehicle was taken to Southerton Traffic police. The picture of Sgt Kwashirai’s arrest and being driven on the back of a pick-up truck went viral yesterday on social media. The picture showed Sgt Kwashirai seated in the truck flanked by members of the public without his service hat.

Another motorist who declined to be named for fear of being victimised, said police were supposed to inform the public on what constituted a legal road block or a check point for them to distinguish fake and genuine ones.

“What amazes me is some of the officers at these road blocks do not display their force numbers, while others refuse to disclose their names, titles and stations they are based. For instance at the intersection of Alpese and Harare Drive new Pomona Baracks some traffic cops left my car unattended after they had told me to leave the vehicle to get the $20 fine they demanded for displaying wrong reflectors.

“When I returned 15 minutes later they had left the scene and valuables in my car were unattended. Why did they run away leaving the money they wanted. I suspected the road blocks at this point are always unsanctioned. Please protect us from these corrupt officers, what kind of policing is this?” the motorist asked.