In DR Congo, DC Motema Pembe Women Players chased and beat up a Referee for failing to award them a penalty, while they were losing 5-1 to TP Mazembe Women.

In a shocking, chaotic incident, players from Congolese women’s football club DC Motema Pembe chased after and assaulted a referee in protest of his decision to not grant them a penalty during a match.

A widely shared video shows the referee desperately running across the pitch, in an attempt to get away from Motema Pembe players, seven of whom were running after him and throwing punches as they went.

The players finally got ahold of the referee and started beating him while staff at the stadium tried to intervene. Meanwhile, Motema Pembe’s opponents stood on the pitch astonished as the drama unfolded.

Ex-CAF media expert Collins Okinyo posted the video on Linkedin, saying that the incident occurred during Motema Pembe’s league match against DR Congo’s TP Mazembe. Motema Pembe was losing 5-1 when the violent outburst occurred.

There was drama and chaotic scenes when female players of DC Motema Pembe charged on a male referee after he failed to award them a penalty during a league match.

The incident occurred in a DR Congo Women’s League between TP Mazembe vs DC Motema Pembe.