Our former Deputy Secretary for International Relations Mr Togarasei Mwonzora is no longer an MDC member. Everyone has a right to associate and de-associate and kule Mwonzora has exercised the latter right.

We will not watch powerlessly as a man of Mwonzora statue breaches the constitution of the party he purports to belong to.

Firstly he took the party to court knowing very well that it is in breach of the constitution as he failed to utile  our internal justice delivery system.

Secondly he insulted the office of the President infront people , declared himself the party spokesperson by addressing members of the media.

The attack on the person of the President is a clear sign of disrespect of the organization and the office that Advocate Nelson Chamisa holds.

Let Zimbabweans, Africans and the world at large know that we will not be held to ransom to deliver on our mandate by young Mwonzora.

It was a please working with you chief!

Gift Ostallos Siziba

MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General

source: online