Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has lambasted Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana for justifying the closure of some Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Mliswa says it is bad to run a country by fighting everyone suspected to be of different view.

Commenting on a story by The Herald, Mangwana said NGOs failed to comply with some requirements:

“Some of the basic requirements they failed to comply with are:
-submission of audited financial statements.
-list of executive or committee members
-sticking to the mandate the Organisation is registered to deliver on.”

But Mliswa believes fighting NGOs on flimsy grounds is nonsense.

“Nonsense, whether clothed as a regulation or conjured as a policy, remains that. We can’t run a country fighting everything and everyone we suspect of being contrary to our ideas and being.”

He adds: “This is where we lose it. Some of these organisations have been operating for years. How have they suddenly become a problem & an enemy?

“How have they become enemies of the state? Real enemies of the state are those crafting archaic laws such as the Patriotic Bill.”