The government has warned civil servants against leaving their workplace before completing their working hours in order to secure shuttle buses for cheap transportation.

Social Welfare minister Paul Mavima says civil servants should always complete working hours and not dismiss themselves early in an attempt to get cheap transport back home.

Zimbabweans inspecially in big towns like Harare have for years been facing transport woes with some operators hiking fares during peak hours.

The police have been running ‘No Mushika-Shika’ operations, mounting roadblocks on all major roads, and arresting motorists carrying more than three people in their vehicles.

As a result, commuters in Harare have been struggling to find transport to work amid crippling police crackdown on pirate taxis and private cars carrying passengers.

In some cases the transport woes have exposed commuters to robbers who pretend to offer mobility services.

They (the robbers) would pose as genuine operators only to rob and dump their passengers.