MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has reportedly blasted his fellow counterpart Douglas Mwonzora for bringing the name of the party into disrepute.

Chamisa is reported to have chided Mwonzora against his peacock behaviour during the party’s standing committee meeting on Wednesday.

Senior officials who spoke to Newsday over the issue said:

Mwonzora was told by the president that this is not a peacock contest, where one is trying to spread feathers and be seen to be more attractive than others.

He was accused of trying to appropriate himself to Tsvangirai’s achievements and to claim all the landmarks into his name, such as the Constitution-making process.

He was accused of trying to personalise everything that the party achieved, thereby bringing the party’s name into disrepute.

He was asked why he was contesting the race that hasn’t been opened yet.

… As for Cowdray Park, the buck stops with Mwonzora and he must take responsibility.

He was reminded that instead of seeking media attention, he is supposed to put the house in order and effectively run the party…newsday