Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa says people should not be fooled by his seemingly silence as he is pressing buttons way ahead in the game.

Chamisa implies that he is in control and dictating the pace in the country’s political arena.

“Dear Zimbabwe: When we appear muted we are pressing the buttons, ahead of the game, in charge and in control. Blessed day to you!,” Says Chamisa.

Meanwhile, his party has called on for a speed resolution to the crisis brewing at Beitbridge Border Post.

“We call for an urgent resolution to the crisis at the Beitbridge border post. Firstly, we need to deal with symptoms of a bigger problem.

“That bigger problem is the crisis of governance underwritten by a political process that is contaminated by illegitimacy,” says the MDC Alliance.

The party adds that the forced migration crisis at Beitbridge border post is a manifestation of a longstanding crisis of governance in Zimbabwe.

MDC Alliance also pointed out that the mass emigration from Zimbabwe-South Africa is driven largely by chronic unemployment & extreme poverty in Zimbabwe.