The ruling party ZANU-PF says it is shocking that MDC is demanding an apology from exiled G40 leaders, saying sanction beggars do not need such treatment.

This follows after G40 leaders especially Jonathan Moyo reportedly crossed swords with Nelson Chamisa led Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance.

“Sanctions beggars are not Saints, they do not deserve apology from any Zimbabwean.

“It’s shocking that sanctions beggars are demanding apologies from
@ProfJNMoyo, @PatrickZhuwao, @MzembiW, & @Hon_Kasukuwere

“They betrayed their own country, no sane person should apologize to MDC,” says ZANU-PF.

The ruling party adds that the G40 leaders were foolish in supporting the opposition.

“Foolishness of @ProfJNMoyo and @PatrickZhuwao. What made them think they can fit into toxic MDC politics.

“Our opposition has intolerant people, as few as they are, they believe they are Zimbabwe, madness.

“They spend the whole shouting & insulting, that’s their only message to Zim,” adds ZANU-PF.