Prominent musician and businesswoman DJ Zinhle had the TL in debate mode this week when she asked her fans about being a good Samaritan.

Opening up the discussion on her timeline, the Umlilo star asked fans if they also feel they have a limit on how much kindness they put out into the world before it starts to become tiring.

“Do you ever get tired of being a good person? Asking for a friend,” said DJ Zinhle.

Tweeps shared their thoughts on the topic, with many resonating with the star’s exhausted sentiments and sharing their own advice with the star.

“You mean having your kind spirit taken for granted? I have grown tired,” said one user.

“Continue to be who you are don’t let anybody change you. Draw a line when it comes to your life and don’t let anyone cross it,” said another.

Here are some of the responses from Twitter:

Zinhle often gives fans a glimpse into her thoughts and opinions on life, including her romantic endeavours.

In an episode of Somizi’s hit TV show Dinner at Somizi, the hitmaker opened up about her rules of engagement.

The star said she has no reservations when it comes to love, and will throw herself fully into a relationship.

“I think I’m still stupid in love. I go headfirst into the relationships,” said Zinhle.

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