Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo has warned members of the newly elected Zanu PF kwekwe district coordinating committee (DCC) to refrain from sleeping inside the party’s offices, saying they would end up using the offices for witchcraft purposes.

Minister Moyo said this while addressing delegates in Kwekwe during last Friday’s DCC induction workshop in the Midlands mining town.

“Hatidi kunzwa kwave kunzi mave kurara mu office umu nekuti munozogumisira mave kutiitira zvehuroyi pano (we do not want to hear that you (new DCC members) are now sleeping in this office because you’ll end up practising witchcraft around here),” he said.

Addressing delegates during the same occasion, the ruling party’s provincial spokesperson Engineer Daniel Mckenzie implored on district members to unite for the good of the party.