Former Miss Zimbabwe model and estranged wife of Acting President General Chiwenga, Marry Chiwenga-Mubaiwa, has revealved that she turned away August 1 killings mastermind and former head of the Presidential Guard, Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe when he visited her with a US$100 divorce token, commonly known as Gupuro in Shona.

In her response to Chiwenga’s application for divorce last month, Marry says no divorce has taken place since the Gupuro token was paid in foreign currency.

Her court papers read:

The defendant (Marry Mubaiwa Chiwenga)  further claims in reconvention that the plaintiff (Constantino Chiwenga) has failed to follow proper customary law procedures to end the customary marriage and that, instead, plaintiff sent (Anselem) Sanyatwe to give her a United States dollar bill which she declined to accept on the basis that it is unlawful in Zimbabwe to transact in United States dollars and that it was (up to) the plaintiff to give her gupuro (divorce token) after following all proper customary protocol. Consequently, the customary marriage continues to subsist.

Meanwhile, Marry dismissed claims by Chiwenga that she is a drug user saying she is in better health to look after the children than Chiwenga who is hooked to illegal drugs and is very paranoid as he worries a lot about his chances of becoming Zimbabwe’s next President.

Sibanda(L), Sanyatwe(R)