All is not well in Chivi where seven villagers have appeared before Masvingo High Court Judge Joseph Mafusire facing murder charges after they assaulted and killed Given Togara (26) after they caught him stealing.

The accused persons are Dambudzo Poterai(50), her son Mathew Poterai, Joseph Dzingirai (65), Thomas Haruzivishe Mazhambe (45), Lloyd Maroyi (28), Levison Nyamandi (36) and Amon Masacha (44), all residing in Chivi under headman Gororo.

The state alleges that the seven fatally assaulted Togara on March 22, 2017.

Prosecuting, Takunda Chikwati told the court that Dambudzo Poterai saw Togara leaning at her house while she was weeding with her son Matthew.

She then alerted her husband who went home as Togara ran away towards Chimhandire Mountain where they followed him after alerting other villagers.

It is alleged that Mathew Poterai assaulted the deceased by slapping him with open hands and kicking him while others used whips, rubbers, hoe handles and a big stone to punish Togara.

According to court documents, Togara was allegedly seen taking an inverter, radio and a car battery from the Poterais.

But he dropped the loot and ran away after he was disturbed leading to the chase into Chimhandire Mountain where he was cornered and fatally assaulted.

However, all the seven accused denied the murder charges when they initially appeared in high court.

The seven will be back in court on May  4th for further hearing.