Mass Covid19 infections have rocked the Cimas Medical Aid Society in Harare, following reports that 21 more employees have also been infected after a receptionist had tested positive for the novel coronavirus early this week.

According to Cimas chief executive officer Vulindlela Ndlovu, despite the fact that the source of the virus is not yet known, findings indicate that ‘those who tested positive shared transport and/or shared workstations, computers, or telephone handsets.’

This has also resulted in all Cimas premises in the capital city being disinfected.

“A member of our reception staff tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday, 16 July 2020 following routine and random testing of our staff. Contact tracing and testing subsequently revealed that other members of staff had been exposed to the virus as they had been in the same work area with the staff member who had tested positive. The case was subsequently handed over to the Covid-19 Rapid Response Team and contact tracing began,” said Ndlovu in a statement.

Afterwards, Ndlovu said, testing was conducted on both reception staffers and other employees resulting in 21 more workers testing positive for coronavirus.

Ndlovu added that the affected employees have now been placed under quarantine after they were referred to the Rapid Response Team and Harare city health department, with the medical concern catering for the patients through the recently introduced Cimas Covid19 cover.

He also said that, in a separate incident, the Cimas High Glen Clinic has also been temporarily closed after the exposure of a staff member to a confirmed case.

“Our priority is the safety of our staff and continued service where possible for our members. We urge you to embrace digital platforms as well as virtual means of communication and interaction with the Society for all membership and pre-authorisation queries. We have introduced Dial-a-Doctor and a medicine delivery service to allow for virtual consultations and drug deliveries to your doorstep,” said Ndlovu.

Since the outbreak of the virus on 20 March 2020, Zimbabwe has recorded 1 478 Covid19 cases, made 439 recoveries while the cumulative figure of mortalities stands at 25.

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Additional Reporting: Zwnews