Investors all around the world keep a sharp eye on digital currencies that have great profitability potential. Over the last decade, numerous e-currencies managed to uplift their position in the market with the aim to gain the mainstream spotlight.

Those who recently started to explore the crypto industry are only aware of a bunch of popular digital currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin. Well, there are several other virtual currencies that are traded on digital currency trading platforms like with great profitability and growth potential.

The dominance of some less known digital currencies in terms of the user base, popularity, and market capitalization has managed to penetrate into top trending cryptocurrencies over the last couple of years. If you are holding your investment and looking for digital currencies that can provide great returns. This article would enlighten you with some digital currencies that are probably going to dominate the crypto market.


This is a unique proof-of-stake virtual currency that aims to deliver interoperability between different blockchains. Polkadot protocol is designed in such a way that it helps to connect permission less and permission blockchains and oracle in order to allow systems to work under one roof.

The best thing about this cryptocurrency is that using the security of Polkadot chains, developers are enabled to develop their own blockchains plus creating decentralized applications on Polkadot. Another fact about Polkadot is that it is heterogeneous, scalable, and multi-chain technology. This cryptocurrency has great growth potential in upcoming years, it would be wise to stay tuned with its price and it is traded on the stock market as one of the best.


You might not be aware of this cryptocurrency, but you would probably see its dominance in the crypto industry within a few years. It is a decentralized open-source blockchain protocol for virtual currencies to fiat currency low-cost transfers which allow the cross-border transfer between any pair of currencies.

The importance of Stellar in the cryptocurrencies market has been underestimated, the level of impact that it could have on the market is also not been realize yet by the crypto community, there are not many digital currencies that allow the smooth transfer of virtual currencies fiat money across the border and as well as domestically.


This cryptocurrency has uplifted its position in the electronic currency market at a rapid pace. There are very few people who know about the fact that Cardano is based on the Ouroboros blockchain, which refers to having two blockchains instead of one. One blockchain is focused on managing general ordinary transactions whereas the other manages smart contracts.


The ability of Cardano to remain fast and scalable is the reason behind the existence of two types of transactions. Another amazing fact, there many few people are aware of is that most of the people who have invested in Cardano belong to Japan. The market cap of Cardano exceeded $30 billion in 2021.


Zcash is a unique cryptocurrency that is capable of doing something special that bitcoin cannot. The blockchain which supports bitcoin is considered transparent and hence transactions could be tracked easily, but Zcash only enables transaction tracking only if the user wants them to be tracked. This means that Zcash provides a facility to its users to hide their transactions with the help of an added layer of privacy.

This is a great chance for those looking forward to the right time to invest in digital currencies as according to researchers’ predictions, ZCash’s price would fall in order to open a window for an investment, and it would be the best time to diversify the portfolio by adding Zcash.


The fact that Tron was initially founded on Ethereum in 2017 is known to few people in the crypto community. Tron now has its own blockchain platform and it is an independent digital currency that also uses the proof-of-stake mechanism to process transactions. The market of Tron is escalating at an enormous pace, and it is worth considering digital currency for investment purposes.


It becomes difficult to decide which collection of digital currency should be added into a portfolio in order to optimize the investment to a maximum extent. The above-mentioned digital currencies hold a great profitability potential, these cryptocurrencies would soon become famous in the crypto market.