The country’s biggest beverage manufacturer Delta Corporation has introduced new Chibuku banana flavor into the market.

Speaking at the launch in Harare on Wednesday, Marshall Pemhiwa General Manager – Sorghum Beer Business, said the new Chubuku banana flavor brings a wider choice to consumers.

“Undoubtedly, this event signifies our collective resolve to offer our consumers wider choice and signifies an exciting trajectory in the vision and mission of the Sorghum beer business.

“This occasion alone gives me the confidence that the Sorghum Beer Business is firmly set on our robust plan of building brilliant brands.

“The main goal is ‘to grow our business by offering our consumers brand experiences that play a meaningful role in their lives in a responsible way which is one of our key strategic pillars’.

“We owe it to our consumers who are the anchor of our business to offer differentiated products that will appeal and satisfy their needs,” Pemhiwa said.

He added that Delta Beverages has a great sense that developing a strong brand is in with the latest market demands and trends.

“This Chibuku Super banana flavoured variant is brewed with the same traditional taste profile as its sister brand, offering a unique and carbonated taste experience, with a well-balanced flavour.

“With Chibuku Super Banana, we aim to anchor the brand ethos of celebrating the bonds of friendship,” he said.

Pemhiwa thanked the team spirit at the corporation saying feat wouldn’t have been a success had it not been the contribution by everyone from top to bottom to the development of Chibuku Super Banana.

“We take pride in working and winning in teams, which is one of our core values,” he said.