Government spokesperson, Ndavaningi Nick Mangwana has claimed that there is no secret connivance between President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Harare Administration and the crisis-ridden Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), saying the poll-governing body, like any other commission, is there to promote democracy in the landlocked southern African nation.

Mangwana said undermining the integrity of Zec, which has traditionally been accused of doctoring the voters’roll to skew electoral results in favour of Mnangagwa’s long-ruling Zanu PF, is akin to undermining democracy.

Said Mangwana in a Wednesday morning post on Twitter:

“When sometimes we come out on the side of our Commissions, that is not indicative of collusion between those institutions and Govt.  Commissions like ZEC underpin our democracy and undermining their integrity is undermining our democracy. Defending them is defending our democracy”.

His sentiments come hard on the heels of damning revelations of administrative malpractices, chiefly Zec’s despicable tendencies of tampering with the voters’roll by rubble-rousing social media group, Team Pachedu.

In recent weeks, heads have been rolling at Zec following comprehensively evidenced allegations of the existence of ghost voters, untraceable residential addresses and atypical statistics, among other concerns.