File image for illustration: Global Press Journal

Police in Mashonaland Central are appealing for relatives or friends who may be missing their loved one to come and identify a male corpse that is at Mount Darwin hospital.

According to Mashonaland Central deputy police spokesperson Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha the body is now completely decomposed.

“On March 11 the body of an unknown male adult of between 29to 35 years of age was found dead, floating in Mupfure River Mount Darwin, Chikasha said.

“The body is putting on cream t-shirt , black trousers and has no shoes the body is completely decomposed and has no identity particulars.”

“Currently the body is lying state at Mount Darwin hospital and due to erratic supply of power at the mortuary, body is completely decomposed and the hospital authorities can nolonger continue to have the body in the mortuary we appeal for people with a missing relative or friend to come and identify the body,” Chikasha said.